The Dream

To build a place where cyclists of all levels can come to find the perfect cycling holiday or day tour.

This idea sounds simple but for every person and their bike it means a very different thing. For one it may be an hour or two rolling through the vineyards of New Zealand stopping to sample some of the local fine foods and wine, for another it may be attacking the mighty Monte Zoncolan one day and backing it up with a personal best time over the Passo dello Stelvio the next day.

Our dream is to provide the Cycling Tour that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime and a smile from ear to ear.

The Team

The team here at CyclingTours is small but energetic group who love technology almost as much as we love our bikes!

We, like the wider cycling community have our own reasons to be on the bike, commuting, training and racing, mountain biking or just rolling down for coffee shop with our kids and wives on a Sunday morning.

We are committed and passionate about bring our loves together to create an online platform to make cycling and travel more enjoyable for everyone.


Launch Time

Nine months and countless ideas, concepts and development hours later we have a website we are extremely proud of and are ready to share it with the world. Although this is a very exciting time we know the real journey begins here and we can't wait for what the future holds.

It Begins

For some time I have been looking for a website that I could go to that lists all the bike riding tours, charity events and Fondos in one place that helps me plan my cycling adventure. Not having any luck in my search I decided it's time to build it myself. The idea was born!

November 2015